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A Note From Bashar
Listen, I am not trying to take your information and sell it or do something shady.
As if I did, I would've been promoting to you the Lambo or the mansion I rented to do some fake photo shoot to lure you in.

I am a regular dude who always wanted something more in life, which is why I and my family migrated into the U.S 13 years ago.
The picture to the left is what was left from a restaurant I owned 4 years ago and which I thought was the path to success.

Unfortunately, this place not only failed miserably, not only did I lose over 500k and was 150k in debt after, but I also wasted nearly 3 years of my life which I can never get back again. And all that happened due to me "knowing it all" and having too big of an ego to seek help!

The only good thing I gained is because of that failure, I started on my journey to selling on Amazon.

When I discovered that I could work from anywhere in the world, set my own schedule, not have a massive overhead or manage 10-15 employees as I did at my restaurant, I knew I had to tell people about it.

This is exactly why I do what I do, which is sharing my journey with you.
Regardless where you are in life, this can work.
But just like any other business, you must be committed, willing to put in the work and have a purpose strong enough to get you through the hurdles.

At least that's what worked for me.

Be sure to fill out the application above and let's find out if we're a good fit and if I can help you achieve your goals with Amazon FBA.

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